Wat moeten we denken van Kevin Annett en zijn ITCCS?

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  • Rini

    Ja bij mij zit de vraag er ook al van af het begin,waar blijft het allemaal Kevin.
    Slimme mensen jonge,die Elite,maaaaaar ze ga der an(ze gaan er aan)ook in ons land 😉

  • sebas36

    Na die berichten op Ellaster had ik Kevin Annet al gechecked, oplichter.
    Er is meer van te vinden maar deze blog heeft de meeste info. Ook veel testemonials van mensen die met hem te maken hebben gehad.


    Clynt King


    I just found your blog.
    Once in awhile, I do a google search on my name to see what is out there. My name is on your blog site. A few years ago, I was seriously mislead, misquoted and misused by Kevin and his followers. they convinced me that I had been given approval to do some ground penetrating radar work at a former residential school. I explained the limitations of the device in great detail, they recorded everything I said on video cameras. I told them exactly what it could, and could not, reveal below the ground surface.

    It is apparent that they ignored all of what I told them.

    Before I even completed the radar scan, they issued a ‘news release’ about finding mass burials with the radar work! I did not even finish collecting the data, and I have never, even to this day, analyzed the data that I did collect. I confronted Kevin and his followers about the news release. I told them it appears I was misused. It is now obvious that I was used to legitimize their story. His website contains statements about me that are totally fictional. I never said any of those things he wrote about me. The preliminary radar images that were displayed on the device during the data collection cannot be used to make any definitive statements about what is below the ground surface. I have had to explain this to my employers and community members. It has been two years since this happened.

    One thing I want to point out, no media outlet has ever contacted me directly to ask me about what he said about me. If they did, I would have stated that the radar unit did not reveal any mass graves and Kevin’s statements about the radar findings were false.



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